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 We’re only as strong as

our weakest link

     We’re only as strong as our weakest link! I’m sure we’ve all heard that phrase at one time or another, but may not have associated it into the scheme of our overall health. The connection that’s being made is referring to our immune system, and this remarkable network determines what state of health we’re in at the present and what we’re setting the stage for in the near future. We 

might look upon it as our own personal army with superb troops if given the proper training to do what appears to be a mission impossible. This can be either an elite group or a dysfunctional one depending on our contribution – and yes, for the most part it is contingent upon us. We wish at times it wasn’t, for what we consume in the way of foods, nutritional supplements, drugs – both controlled and uncontrolled, environmental influences – these all have a direct affect on the strength of our immune system. There are also other elements that filter into the immune system that we are often unaware of, such as: an over abundance and misappropriated use of the vast antibiotics in the food chain today. Devastating as it may be, we are all becoming immune to the very substances that we are depending upon to alleviate sicknesses and strengthen our body. So we as a society have begun to seek clarity as to why the importance of eliminating any weak links in our immune system, and why we must accelerate and focus our energy in elevating our health to superiority. Let us examine this analogy: If we were to construct a six foot fence in a given area with the intention of creating a safe space for our child to play in, we would be adamant about securing every link in the chain fence, for we know that if there were any weaknesses that would allow for an opening to present itself, it would create a threat of security for our child. No matter how strong a fence is built, the weakness will always make it unreliable. The same holds true for our immune system. Many factors battle war within us and threaten our superiority in overcoming viruses, bacteria, or any foreign molecules, often referred to as antigens. Weaknesses are elevated by poor diet, toxins in food supply, additives, stress, genetic predisposition, and environmental influences that are in control. In order to reverse these adverse negative influences that we are constantly dealing with we want to offer the body something to work with. A healthy lifestyle of positive thinking would weigh heavier on the list than most can ever imagine. For what we think and believe we attract to us – that is Universal Law. On the physical there is our diet or food intake. This is an established fact: that food is a medicine or it can be the opposite - a poison to the body. What we consume will determine how we will operate on a daily basis and in the near future. There is also physical activity – this will create the circulation and flexibility that the body so desires. Another substance that has stepped up more recently is beta 1,3/1,6-D-glucan, which we will refer to as simply beta glucan. It profoundly and positively activates a powerful immune system response. Although the more active beta glucan comes from yeast it does not contain any yeast proteins that would cause an allergic reaction or disturb those sensitive due to candidiasis. What beta glucan does is activates macrophages which are white blood cells that constitute a critical element of the immune system. Macrophages’ main function is to identify and kill viruses, bacteria, and fungi, or enemies that do not belong in our body and can make us sick. Beta glucan activates these immune cells, so they function more efficiently and effectively. Interestingly with this product, more is not better as we sometimes believe. It should be taken as directed on the bottle and on an empty stomach so that it does not pass through the stomach to the upper intestines. If taken with food, it may pass through the system and not be exposed. It can however, be taken right along with other supplements as long as they are void of fiber. A usual dose is 7.5mg daily, sometimes higher when the system has been compromised greatly. As with everything else quality is top priority. Fortunately, a standard of purity and effectiveness has been established, and will sport the trademark symbol YB13G. This symbol is designed to let consumers know that the product has been standardized for potency and that it is pure and protein free. With this you can be assured of the most power at the lowest dosage. It also lets you know that the product contains insoluble 1,3 beta glucan with the triple helix configuration. This is very important in terms of effectiveness. Because there are a lot of different sources of beta glucan, this symbol is your assurance that you are purchasing beta glucan from the yeast cell wall, which is also important in terms of insolubility and effectiveness. You will want to purchase your beta glucan product from a reputable company that has a history of working with beta glucan.

     Keep in mind that it takes a comprehensive approach to obtain optimal health. When you combine a diet of natural foods, positive attitude, improved lifestyle changes, beta glucan can serve as a phenomenal immune system activator. Everything is based on the immune system. In this challenge world we live in, we need to draw from every support possible. Don’t let any weakness jeopardize your strength. For without question: We’re only as strong as our weakest link!

By: Dr. Terri Hawkins

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