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Raw Living Foods

Natural Rejuvenation presents "Raw Living Foods" classes each month providing hands-on experience with the texture, taste, smell and visual presentation of raw living foods.

Classes are presented by Terri Hawkins, Ph.D. and Tiffany (Hawkins) Adams, Ph.D. (video at the bottom of the page)

In addition to the Raw Living Foods class, Dr. Hawkins conducts juicing classes. Here you'll learn the difference between juiced and blended foods. And you'll discover the differences in juice machines and learn which one is right for you. Be sure to sign up for email notices - don't let another month go by without learning how to prepare raw living food and juice!

Natural Rejuvenation is a leader in the raw food movement. Terri Hawkins' mother, Joyce Havener, lead the family into a healthy lifestyle. Today, Terri works with her daughter, Tiffany and her granddaughter, Adriana Adams.

Here are some photos our their trip to visit with Ann Wigmore (the "Mother" of the raw food and wheatgrass movement).

Dr. Ann Wigmore and Tiffany (Hawkins) Adams, who was 11 years old at the time (1993) at the Ann Wigmore Raw Living Food Institute in Boston.

Ann Wigmore at the Raw Living Food Institute in Boston. Dr. Ann is wearing red. 

Dr. Terri Hawkins is presenting information to the class.

Jeff Miller holding wheatgrass grown at the facility.

Joyce Havener, Dr. Terri Hawkins' mother, with her husband. Joyce is the first generation of four in the Holistic Health field. Joyce was among the first to do Colon Hydrotherapy. She taught the forerunners in many areas of holistic medicine. She died in 1994.

She was honored for her contribution

to the Holistic Field.

Joyce Havener, Robert (instructor at the Institue), Dr. Terri Hawkins, Professor Zorah Wu and Tiffany (Hawkins) Adams at the Institute.

Raw Living Food prepared while at the Institute - these pies are made in the gourmet classes at Natural Rejuvenation!

Tiffany, Terri and Adriana - Instructors at the Natural Rejuvenation Raw Food Classes!

Watch this video created by one of our students!

Raw Food Classes at Natural Rejuvenation

This video documents the raw food classes that Dr. Terri Hawkins-Fox held at Natural Rejuvenation in early

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