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Meet Terri Hawkins N.D., PhD

Posted by: Kellie R. Stone on July 22, 2009 in Beautiful Women3 Comments

Women’s Life Link would like to introduce Dr. Terri Hawkins. She has been a memorable contributor to my life through her caring, wise way in which she conducts herself as a doctor and a woman. Terri is a wife, mother, grandmother, and currently owns and operates the Indianapolis wellness center Natural Rejuvenation. 

I have had the wonderful opportunity to personally experience her practice that includes colon hydrotherapy, therapeutic massage, and even biofeedback technology that powerfully divulges weaknesses in the body. I consider her a mentor, friend, and a pioneer in holistic natural health care. Please read on for a personal look into the life of this amazing, beautiful woman!

WLL – Tell us about yourself (not what you do).

Terri - First and foremost, I’m a mother & grandmother. I’m privileged & deeply honored to run along side my two girls, and I do so in “total awe”. I’m a Holistic Doctor. I live & breathe it – it’s not what I do, it’s who I am – it’s my passion and drive. Although I miss the mark on a daily basis, it’s what drives my adrenaline. Understanding the Master Mind – the Mind/Body connection is definitely a driving force in me. I’m Spiritual, but I’m not religious. I’m open minded, but I’m not led. I’m a strong women, and yet I have weaknesses. I’m passionate & kind, but I can walk away. I seek the unknown, yet strive for balance in every moment.

WLL- I feel inspired already.

WLL – What is your life focus at this time?

Terri - As it will always be – I’m in constant motion to protect my girls emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. To help them find their path and to walk with them in harmony as long as I can before passing. In business – it’s an extension of the same. I’m fortunate enough to have a profession that I don’t have to show up at – I carry it within me. I do the things I love and just share them.

WLL – What was the most life changing moment of your life?

Terri - There have been many. Each time I have taken a new path or direction, it has been profound. Sometimes enlightening, sometimes regretful – but most certainly a learning experience. A dear friend once told me, “if you don’t want to move through the challenges now – don’t worry, you will be presented with the opportunity again later”. I found that to be totally true.

WLL- What do you think is the most difficult thing for women to change about themselves?

Terri- What they are “taught” about beauty. In our society we are basically taught that a man’s worth is his income or assets, and a women’s worth is her outer beauty. Sad, but true that most judgment stems from that belief system. If women could just see themselves as strong & powerful, not weak & repressed, then they would begin to blossom into the “true” women that they are.

WLL - I hope we can help change that together.

WLL - How do you keep healthy & fit?

Terri - I’m asked this question daily because of my profession. I see health & fitness as a lifestyle, not a diet or a temporary fix. Every person requires a different protocol because of needs and levels of attainment they wish to achieve. What might be wonderful for one, may not be for another. My personal health regime consist of making 3-4 quarts of freshly made fruit & vegetable juices daily; with this I have raw foods – also super foods. Super foods are algae, flax, herbal & homeopathic substances. I also grow & drink various herbal teas. I make almond milk, and buy young coconuts for the water content inside. I have sprouts, and I make fermented foods. 

I’m a firm believer in colonic’s – which of course I do here in the office. For fitness – I do 1 ½ hours of stretching & weight bands 3 days a week, and the other 3 days I do 1 hour of various aerobic exercise. Sunday I use to do combinations, but lately I have turned my attention to what my husband might like to do on that one particular day because it is the only day we have off together.   

WLL – How do you think other women see you?

Terri - Passionate, loving, kind, energetic, trust worthy, caring, focused, extreme, strong willed, determined – maybe even to the point of being bull headed.

WLL – Who or what inspires you?

Terri - That’s an easy question – my mother. She’s past over, but she was a spiritual women, a forerunner in Holistic Medicine, a self made business woman, and my greatest mentor in every aspect. When business and life itself gets me down, when I’m afraid and don’t know what to do, my mother’s voice always rings in my head. I hear the things she repeatedly told me before she died. These words have become the “Rules of Life” establishing the bases of every business adventure and life challenges I’m faced with. So let me briefly share these with you.


You can do anything you so desire if you want to bad enough – Believe It! There is nothing stopping you, but yourself. Simply move out of the way.

Do you want to win or do you want to be right?

This is a very powerful tool. Many times we know we’re right, but to “Win” a situation we must maneuver the situation in a positive win-win situation.

Love them more!!!

Those that we often come in contact with can be hard to deal with at times – instead of persecuting, instead of being angry back, realize that many carry with them much hurt and pain, and they need our love and acceptance more. Love them, and they will find their way back.

Do whatever it takes.

Many times we set out on a new adventure, or one already set in motion. In order to succeed, go forth knowing that you will do “whatever it takes” – no less.

Everything is a trade off.

With everything, there are attachments – realize that. When we have children we love them dearly. We give our time, our energy, our soul, our money. When we do something simple as buy a sports car – we give up the back seat. It’s about what we want to experience at any given time.

It’s all in how you perceive it.

If you think the people in your town are wonderful, charming, kind, and giving – you will find that to be so in the next town. If you think they are nosey, boisterous, hateful, and loud – you will find that in the next town as well. If you want to change something – first change your perception of all that is around you. Change yourself!

If you can’t manage a quarter you can’t manage a million dollars. 

What we do on a small scale is evidence of what we will do on a larger scale. This applies to everything in our lives.

We are all A+ students.

My mother would say that there are those who are audio, some visual, some that need the stimulation of feeling and requiring hands on – and then again some need various combinations. But “EVERYONE” can be taught. If they are not learning – they need to be taught with different stimulation in order to achieve the information. We are all A+ students!

WLL - That was about 6 posts all rolled into one. You are an amazing woman and now we know why. I wish I could have met your mother.

WLL – If you could say one thing to women that you knew would help them live better lives, what would it be?

Terri - To radiate true beauty and peace – you must allow yourself to be who and what you are – do not compromise this. Realize that you are unique and special and worthy of love on every level.

WLL – Any Regrets?

Terri - Yes. I regret letting fear overcome me. Fear of not being loved, accepted, wanted, and appreciated. Fear of missing the mark, fear of not being perfect. I have found that if we can walk through our fears, they will dissipate. Where there is fear – love can not enter. They don’t occupy the same space. 

***For more information about Dr. Hawkins and the health services she provides, please contact her at (317) 243-3550 or

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