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The Good the Bad and the Ugly

By: Dr. Terri Hawkins

     When we look into the eyes of another surely we are looking at the soul of the one standing directly in front of us – or are we? It is difficult for many to get past the physical to gaze any further. We have become a visual society, judging according to our cultural beliefs. We perceive the outside to be an extension of the inside, whether it is health or beauty. Most of us are struggling with projecting our inner being and can not comprehend where the reflection in the mirror has come from, for we perceive ourselves to be much different. Those that approach us for the first time look directly to the face; more so to the skin; then to the eyes, but seldom through them. And so, the skin becomes the measuring scale in which we judge to be the Good, the Bad or the Ugly. In order to generate healthy skin we must begin by restoring harmony or balance to the body. The manner in which all healing takes place is in this fashion: From the last ailment to the first, from the top of the head downward, and from the inside out. We start by cleansing, restoring and then building. Looking to elimination is the first step toward cleansing. The body must have an open channel to rid itself of waste, and the colon is the proper exit out for toxins, which is a subtle way of saying poisons. When there is no avenue out for the build up of excess poisons, the body will filter these toxins into four other elimination channels – often referred to as back up units – which are the kidneys, liver, lungs and the skin. When toxicity exists in any one of these four units then a cleansing of these particular organs would simply be an exchange from one to another unless the colon is clear and free to eliminate through. When the organs become loaded to their peak then the toxicity moves into the weakest link in the body. Manifestations of illnesses will differ according to genetics at this point. To focus on the symptoms would be unpractical for all purposes, for it is the cause that is creating the disturbance. Begin by cleansing the colon, for a domino affect will follow. Changing the body from acid to alkaline with chlorophyll and other green foods will establish more balance. Adding colon oxygenator will accelerate the process even further. When the internal cleansing has taken place, the external can then be addressed more fully. Looking to products on the market we find that working on a cellular level and the synergistic effect between ingredients within the products are most necessary to generate the enormous change that is sought after. The potency and scarcity of many ingredients become a cost factor in distribution of highly effective products. Those that are readily available to the public are often of low quality and mass marketed in order to generate sales. In endless search for effectiveness, quality and time factor, Renaissance by Nature’s Dream meets all the requirements to generate the permanent renewal of the skin. In observing the changes brought forth from these particular highly formulated products it is of no question the merit of substituting this very simple procedure for that of more radical and surgical means. The long-term affects from what natural substances can regenerate far surpass that of chemical or unnatural procedures. Working with balance and harmony will always be the answer. Beauty projected outward has forever been sought after and will continue to be throughout the ages. Cultural perceptions may differ, but manifesting a healthy being, beautiful skin, and beautiful personality will be mutual for everyone no matter what background or what belief we have come from or adapted to. Beauty is always said to be in the eyes of the beholder, but Radiant Beauty shines brightly and can be obtained by proper elimination, nutrition, frame of mind and natural products that bring the body into focus. The road is paved before us; it’s a matter of stepping out and beginning the process. Ultimate health is what awaits us, and it is worth the journey. 

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