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Bridging Modern Science with

Ancient Oils

by Dr. Terri Hawkins

 The mysteries surrounding ancient oils, or Essential Oils, are are still being unraveled. However, we do know they carry with them the vibratory influences of the plant, shrub, flower, tree, root or seed in which they were distilled from. The potency of these oils is so powerful that they are used medicinally to bring relief to the body for practically every known ailment imaginable. The various improvements which have been experience with these oils include: urinary tract infections, high 

blood pressure, varicose veins, bleeding gums, trauma, hemorrhoids, candidiasis, sex drive, insomnia, intestinal parasites, pain, skin problems – and the list goes on and on.

The human body is very receptive to the oils because they have a protein-like structure that our bodies can easily absorb and identify with and there is no build up resistance or side effects in connection with the continued usage.

Essential Oils are to plants like our blood is to us, and both are comprised of three primary elements – carbon, hydrogen and oxygen which create the compatibility for bringing the body into balance. Understanding the science behind the oils is not necessary. However, obtaining the purest Grade A oils with no synthetics added is of absolute necessity if results are to be gained.

Referencing through the PDR for Essential Oils compiled by Essential Science Publishing (Gary Young Oils) is most helpful for personal holistic healthcare for self and family. This book is most explicit and simply read - highlighting single and blended oils, various ailments, health programs, supplements, and scientific research that bridges the modern science to that of every needed household. You’ll find that by letting the oils be your medicine, harmony and balance will be easily restored. 

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