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Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy, Colon Irrigations and Colonics are all the same thing referring to the same procedure. It is best described as a mechanical process that infuses warm filtered water into the bowel with the objective of cleansing and balancing the colon. This process is usually done on an FDA approved machine called the “Libbe”.

It looks somewhat like a padded table that has an opening below for all the debris to filter down into a viewing tube, and then out through the sewer. We’re a very visual culture, so most find it very fascinating to watch what is happening and being eliminated. The tube that is inserted in the rectum is a plastic individual wrapped sterile disposable tube – about the thickness of a pencil and inserted in the rectum no more than an inch. Filtered water enters the colon through the tube, and when you begin to fill full, you simply push the water out, or have a bowel movement, which will go around the tube; not through it, and down through the 

opening in the table.

The colon is U shaped, 5 feet long and about 2 1/2” in diameter. There is an ileo-caecal valve that lies between the large intestine (or the colon) and the small intestine. This valve keeps any debris from washing back into the small intestine. So we are only cleansing the colon. The small intestine is 23 feet in length and about 1” in diameter. It's hard to imagine that length all with-in the abdominal area! 

Most people are usually concerned with two things:  

Does this procedure hurt? and Is it intimidating? The answer is no to both. It doesn’t hurt in the least; as a matter of fact it is most comfortable. The whole process is very neat and clean. The client is covered at all times and is not intimidated because the therapist does not need to stand over them throughout the process. In fact, the therapist doesn't even need to be in the room unless you request assistance. If you do require assistance, there is a button on the machine that the client can ring for immediate attention. Our system ensures a relaxing atmosphere and your privacy is assured. Most people find it enjoyable to listen to music, read a magazine or simply savor the quiet time.

Who’s a candidate for these Colon Irrigations? Everyone! At one time it was only those in their middle ages that experienced problems with digestion and health related issues. However, as we continue to eat more and more fast food, drink water that is less than desirable and consume processed and artificial preservatives, we are facing a constant imbalance in our health.   

We find that there are three groups of people that seek this treatment most often: Those who desire ultimate health – including athletes such as runners, body builders, dancers and others. People who are already very healthy but want to acquire top performance usually fall into this category. Then we have those who are seeking better health – (the largest group of people). This category includes all those with chronic disturbances such as gastrointestinal problems, bloating, skin blemishes, arthritis, low energy, joint pains, headaches, etc. Folks with degenerative disturbances fall into the last group. This can include people dealing with Cancer, Parkinson, 

Alzheimer, Lupus, and other chronic illnesses. Finally, there are people who utilize this procedure before surgery to empty the bowel completely.

The benefits of Colon Irrigations are enormous. When we clean out the debris and toxicity in the colon we are better able to strengthen the immune system. Periodic cleansing could minimize potential health problems and both short term as well as long-term build-up. It’s important to always keep in mind that we want to focus on building and cleansing simultaneously. For if we build without cleansing then we have no foundation to build 

upon, and if we cleanse constantly without building, the body becomes very weak. This balance can be achieved most efficiently by doing Colon Irrigations and/or taking combinations of herbs that will detoxify not only the colon but also other elimination organs while building the body with high nutrition. Balance – Balance – Balance – is the key to life in all aspects. Look around and challenge that; see what happens when we tip the scale to far in either direction for any prolong period of time. Life is simple, so merely focus on keeping it simple and balanced.

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