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Drinking For Health

By Dr. Terri Hawkins

If you are interested in superior health, vitality, longevity, overcoming sickness or having trouble balancing your hormones and weight even though you have taken supplements of vitamins and minerals for years, you might consider drinking. Many of you are thinking you already do and feeling ecstatic about the prospect of drinking even more. Before you announce that your drinking all these years has paid off, let me be clear in saying that I am not referring to alcoholic drinks, but drinks made from fresh vegetables and fruit – quite often referred to as juicing. 

The benefit of the fresh juices is that it can assimilate in 15 minutes and act as a medicine – cleansing, building, restoring, and balancing every organ in the body. It is very difficult today because of pesticides, steroids, and devitalized soil to get all the nutrients that we need from food to maintain maximum health. When we separate the juice from the fiber we have a concentrated source of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that are very powerful synergistically. 

Although we hear very little about enzymes, it has been known and well accepted among the health practitioners of today that all diseases are caused from one of two things, either lack of enzymes, or toxicity. Enzymes are needed for every chemical action and reaction in the body. Metabolic enzymes run all our cells, organs, and tissues. Vitamins, minerals, and even our hormones need enzymes to be present in order to do their work. We build enzymes in our reserve by drinking fresh juices and eating raw or uncooked foods. Different combinations of juice will address specific organs in the body. For instance, beet and apple juice 

will target the liver, whereas, endive and carrot juice is used to strengthen the eyes. We use fruit juice to cleanse the body, and vegetable juice to build. To simply cleanse without building creates a disharmony.

We address toxicity (which is a medical term for poisons) with the use of colon irrigations, also referred to as colonics. This is a very simple procedure that allows old build up fecal matter to be softened through the use of filtered, temperature controlled water. It is not invasive, intimidating or painful in anyway. Some find the process very relaxing, and certainly extremely beneficial. 

When we look at nature we see the simplicity all around us. It is the same when dealing with health. What could be simpler than using the things we grow in the most natural state? Hippocrates said, “Let thy food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” Start by detoxing, then drink for health, for it is the simplest, quickest and most effective way of healing the body.

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